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Activists at the polish-belarusian border – A call for Solidarity #35

Since several month now the situation is becoming more and more dramatic at the polish-belarusian border. People try to cross and get pushed back by the polish border guards. Police, military and other forces hunting people in the forest to prevent them coming to poland. The weather is cold, the area swampy, people don´t have food, suffering from hypotermia, are injured from the fences and often get pushed back several times. More and more activists and NGO´s organize themself to help people to survive and give solidarity. How those work look right now and what do people experience through there stay at the border you will find in our show with three activists from different initiatives.


Activists at the polish-belarusian border – A call for Solidarity #35

Anarchistischer Hörfunk aus Dresden

Wir sind ein offenes Radiokollektiv aus Dresden. Wir kommen seit Mai 2017 einmal im Monat zusammen um anarchistische Ideen in Theorie und Praxis, gemeinsam mit unseren Studiogästen zu diskutieren. Unsere Sendung kannst Du jeden dritten Sonntag im Monat von 16-17Uhr bei coloradio hören, außerdem bei oder auf