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What’s coloRadio? Listen in!

There are eight steps leading to your own programme on coloRadio.

You want to broadcast a small feature or a report on an event, an exhibition or on a demonstration? Send us an email or visit our studios at Zentralwerk located in Dresden-Pieschen. They can always be included in our daily magazines.

Start your show!

If you want to start your own programme on coloRadio, simply follow these 8 steps and send us an email to

  1. In the beginning, there is your idea.
    Compose a rough outline of your programme.
  2. Familiarise yourself with our principles. You find them in the Charta der Freien Radios in Deutschland (charter of community radio stations in Germany) and in our code of conduct.
  3. Attend our plenum and present your idea. You can find the dates on the right sidebar of the main page. We assist you in getting started.
  4. Record a test broadcast. Sixty minutes will say more than a thousand words.
  5. We are sure, your broadcast meets our principles.
    You will now be allotted a regular slot in our schedule at the following plenum.
  6. Participate and become a volunteer! There are several opportunities for voluntary work at coloRadio: maintaining the daily broadcasting, public relations and networking, technology and sound, training and feedback.
  7. You will receive a free trainings in the basics of journalism and radio technology.
    Our workshops will familiarise you with the characteristics of independent radio work, interviewing techniques and the mixing desk. Our schedule is listed under Workshops.
  8. Have fun!

You can also join our monthly meeting at the coloRadio-staff room. Next meetings will be held at 7 PM on:

  • Mon, 16.01.2023, 19:00
  • Tue, 21.02.2023, 19:00
  • Wed, 15.03.2023, 19:00
  • Thu, 20.04.2023, 19:00
  • Mon, 15.05.2023, 19:00
  • Tue, 20.06.2023, 19:00
  • Wed, 19.07.2023, 19:00
  • Thu, 17.08.2023, 19:00
  • Mon, 18.09.2023, 19:00
  • Tue, 17.10.2023, 19:00
  • Wed, 15.11.2023, 19:00
  • Thu, 21.12.2023, 19:00

Due to the Corona pandemic, our meetings are digital. If you want to join in just ask for the link via

Get a key to our studios, rent equipment for field recording!
Get access to our wiki-database, to our calender tool, become author of this!
every tuesday, 7 PM

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Our address:
Radio-Initiative Dresden e.V.
Riesaer Straße 32
01127 Dresden

[city map]
public transport: tram: Zeithainer Straße (Linie 3), S-Bahn local train: Haltepunkt Pieschen (S1, Bus 64)

Tel: 0351 / 32 05 47 10
Studio: 0351 / 32 05 47 11


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