Code of Conduct

The former code of conduct was adopted by the general meeting in 2017 and has now been updated by a working group in recent months (2023). The following text is now our current code of conduct of 20 June 2023.


coloRadio is an emancipatory, low-hierarchy, self-governing and grassroots democratic radio. Diversity and acceptance are important values for coloRadio.


We actively involve people who and whose voices are underrepresented. We want to respect, take seriously and negotiate political positions and differences. We give no place to inhumane and discriminatory behaviour and content at coloRadio – on air and off air. We do not allow right-wing extremist, conspiracy-theory and fundamentalist-religious ideas. Neo-liberal positions are not wanted here. Truthfulness and seriousness are always strived for in journalistic work.


We do not want verbal, psychological or physical violence. This includes insulting, belittling, defamatory, aggressive behaviour, bullying, treating people down, discriminating, accusing, stereotyping, shaming, ridiculing (because of language, education, gender, sexuality, appearance etc.), degrading life and body forms. This refers to interpersonal interactions, but also to programme content and speaking about programme content.


coloRadio is organised in a grassroots democratic way to counteract hierarchies. Knowledge hierarchies are to be dismantled. Knowledge should be shared. Unspoken rules should be verbalised and documented. Decisions should be made primarily by consensus.

participation in coloRadio

All members of the radio initiative and all programme makers should in principle participate in the shaping of coloRadio and its further development. The radio is a free space that everyone can help shape – together with the other people here at the radio. Regular participation in the members‘ meeting and/or the general editorial meeting is a good way to do this. Membership of all coloRadio programme makers in the Radio-Initiative Dresden e.V. is expressly desired.


Everyone is completely responsible for their own broadcasting dates and will find a replacement of their own accord if they cannot make it. The programme stands and falls with you. Programme makers are responsible for the content of their programmes, which means they must be able to stand behind the content. The responsibility of the programme makers also includes entering their programmes in the programme calendar. Exact time slots are the basis for listening on Programme makers are responsible for uploading their pre-produced programmes to the programme calendar in good time (at the moment = 12 noon the day before) before the broadcast date. If the programme-makers do not provide any input, it is assumed that the programme is a live programme.

The overall editorial team is responsible for designing the coloRadio programme and makes technical demands on the productions. A separate group can be appointed to implement the programme design (for example, the editorial board). Everyone treats the created values with respect. This concerns both tangible assets (technology, inventory, etc.) and intangible assets (broadcasts by others).

new contributors

We welcome new contributors. We are happy to explain to them how we organise our interaction. We want them to take this opportunity. New programme makers first submit a sample programme to be heard by the other programme makers. At the next meeting, people introduce themselves and the programme is discussed. If there are no objections to the Free Radio Charter and this agreement, the programme maker is accepted and a suitable slot is found. Regular workshops on how to get started in radio are offered, which must be attended by all programme makers.

conflict management

Every year, the general meeting appoints a group of three confidants who can be contacted in the event of a conflict. The group shall treat conflicts confidentially and hear all parties involved. It may make recommendations to the General Assembly that lead to an end to the conflict. The final decision rests with the general meeting.