Morseradio presents Andras Kiss / Toronto

Sa 14. April 2012

Andras Kiss ,

a magyar warlock in Toronto , young , sophisticated and tasteful DJ and very soon producer .

…the Belmondo of 21th century . The  secret  in our dance fantasies.

He was born as Andras Kiss in middle ’80s in a small town on north hungary. From his childtime he is alwas into music. He was 10-11 years old when start to work on all the music player what he found in the house to playing different tracks on cassettes how he like. He did his own special dj equipment, and just enjoyed the music. He not really thinking bout djing..just enjoy what he did. He was still very young like 12 when he use to go to the club what was right beside his home and waching the djs practicing, just looking the turntables, the mixer, till the club open and he need to go home at 10pm. Soon he got chance to play for the last hour in a high school party for 800ppl. He got lots of positive feedback and may this why he registered for a dj battle what he won and got a mixer.
He always like to play music with more power and dynamic, but by the time he getting into lighter music. Was 17 when he got resident dj position inPalace Dance Club what is one of the best and nicest club in the country. After the summer he did his first demo cd and send it to tommyboy ( he was one of the djz who brings the house music n techno in hungary, now he is part of crazibiza duo) and he call him back in the next couple day to book Andy for djig to HomeClubBudapest in 2002. It was the best club at the time in the city w lots of huge dj names. The sett was awesome, and the owner book him for resident djing in the small room( 500ppl) of the club club in every monthThis situation give him more freedom in music. He got open minded listeners. Got chance to play slowly deephouse, jazzy stuff at the beginning of the party or play anything else, tribal, house, techy, vocal stuff in the middle of the party. He also played in radioshowz , many other clubs as pacha, or festivals like mayday. Right now he livin in Toronto Canada. And just start to djing again since a small brake. But he is always into music, into vibe. And right now into learning songwriting and getting knowledge bout studiowork
morseradio: what do you think about fullmoon ?
Kiss : i am not into the movie, but we have pretty good relationship with the moon, especially if its more active.
morseradio : why things are getting tricky when Tom Waits would say electronic music is rabbish ?
Kiss: He said that?
morseradio : no , but imagen if ..
Kiss: Well….so where is the board of natural music between electronic? Tom, pls dont use any electricity to do your songs…i say: dont close out nothing from this world..we have good and garbage too in any styles…even pop, rock or house…
morseradio : Do you think that business limits or enhances musical development, why ?
Kiss : all the business raises the scene of course…Kiss laughs . Most people havent any past in electronics.. This why we getting way more garbage produced and listened so it is more difficult to find quality, and new ideas.
Kiss now very serious : this question has two sides : Raise is to the pocket, limit in the heads!
morseradio: How do you think about the analogy of food receties and music composition ?
Kiss : we are what we eat !
morseradio : what was your first conscious sound esperience , was it a key for your current activities ?
Kiss : i remember it was not just a point. I was little and cannot even tell when watching Phill Collins on TV . Later i had favourite songs in my father’s car. Also the first club experience was run dmc, and some German eurotrance stuff.LOL :) But at same time i just feel Jackson, Notorious, Daft Punk, Prodigy…may the early Daft Punk was the first when i get goose flesh…aaah that bass and acid was just rocking my head around ’ was so fresh feeling :) And i need to say bout Kenny Hawkes….i cached a radio show he played,that time we dont got any electronic or house. Was very rare. That hour just changed my life and my opinion of house. It was Early 2000s.
morseradio : what kills what . old startrek or new generation ?
Kiss : my first chat name was “Skywalker” haha anyway. The time always repeat itself so…i’d lie to say, they kill each other…they keep alive together ! :) maybe Tom Waits would change by excepting that new and old always needs each other to define that they are new and old


…it was spring of 2008 , those days when u feel the first warm of the spring sunshine…i look around on the way to studio. the ppl take off their jackets on the street and enjoy the weather, so i just thought to need some dope terrace vibes right now …

Mix : Afternoon in May 2008

1. Quarion – Quiet Before The Storm
2. In flagranti – Effective Placebo Affect
3. Maurice futon pres. Stress – Paddle Streamer
4. Soultourist – Coming Soon
5. In flagranti – ‘unkown’
6. Moodymanc – Coleman
7. Mountain People – Mountain 003
8. Brendon Moeller – Shinkin ‘Thinkin’
9. Matthias Tanzmann – Rugby (No Tom edit)
10. Spirit Catcher – Dream Machine
11. I:Cube – Oblivion (Dixon’s edit)
12. Hot Lizard – The Theme 2008 (Charles Webster Version remix)

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  1. dj van smith sagt:

    I knew that once you take shock! Good luck my friend: D

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